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"This is my third attempt at formal lessons for piano and as the old saying goes, it's on point. Jamin and Milestone have an uncommonly professional setup. I'm fortunate to live in the area and the in person lessons have helped establish a great lesson and learn partnership. I've also tried the web-based video conference lessons when out of town and they were a convenient alternative allowing me to keep learning.

Although I am just beginning with 10 lessons to date, one of the great features of the teaching style allows for a custom lesson plan enabling me to work on compositions I'm immediately interested in. This in turn keeps my motivation levels high. Jamin keeps it positive and graciously shares a lot or a little of his skillset when the appropriate opportunity presents itself. And he doesn't mind repeating himself, which helps a lot too. Highly recommended."


Jamin Coller - Founder of Milestones Music

Jamin Coller

"After years of studying, performing, and teaching, I finally accepted the fact that most music teachers are more interested in pushing their students through a set of books and cashing the check than helping people learn to play music they love. At Milestones Music, students learn the songs they care about and the teachers find a way to teach important concepts through the music the students are already motivated to practice."