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What are your studio policies?

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What curriculum do you use?

Milestones teachers are dedicated to helping students identify and achieve their goals, so we do not use the same curriculum with every student. Milestones teachers study their students as their students study music, and create a plan that works for that student and their goals. As each student progresses, their goals inevitably change. A Milestones teacher changes the materials to fit the new goals.


Should I do online lessons or private lessons?

Type of class will usually depend more on personality and learning style than age. One-on-one teachers can't provide much benefit outside of inspiration, accountability, and efficiency. Some students are very recklessly curious and prefer to teach themselves things than be slowed down by "assignments" and learning things the traditionally "right way." For those students, online videos are usually best so they can skip to whatever they want at whatever speed they want. Those students don't need inspiration or accountability, and they're already running at light speed, so even if they aren't practicing efficiently, they are going to get to their goals quickly just by sheer force.

Other students would like to be shown the next steps by someone they trust, when they are ready.

I try to make make my online classes at Learn Piano Live a hybrid, where students can explore, but also check in personally with me as frequently as they swim lessons - I'll give you as much support as you need to feel like you won't drown, but I won't slow you if decide you really want to take off in another direction.

The other major factor is practice time. One-on-one lessons will be more intense and more expensive. To really make the most of each lesson, students will need to find practice time during the week. Otherwise, we're mostly practicing during the lesson...which is great! That's inspiration and accountability. But another productive way to use the lessons is to bring your completed project and get feedback and next get in the lessons what you can only get from a one-on-one teacher: personalized direction to make practice time more efficient.


What age is best to start learning the piano?

As soon as a student is excited about learning, s/he should start lessons! Most don't start before 5 years old because of the attention span needed for a lesson.


Why do I need a teacher? Can't I learn to play the piano on my own?

Absolutely. But a teacher can help a student be so much more efficient and effective by:
(1) Inspiring a student to practice and
(2) Teaching a student how and what to practice.
If you can do those on your own, the money, but it's a lot like a gym membership: a personal coach can really help you make the most of it!


How much should I practice?

30-60 minutes, 5 times per week is common, but you'll get good at the rate that you practice, so it's all up to how quickly you want to accomplish your goals. There is good evidence to suggest that it takes right around 10,000 hours of practice to become a can do the math from there.


How long does it take to learn how to play my instrument?

Students are strongly encouraged to make at least a six month commitment to lessons when they begin. If you still hate it by then, you may want to try another hobby. It's going to be a challenge at times, but you should enjoy playing at each stage along the way!


What is the best instrument to start on?

It is usually recommended that a person start on the piano. Nearly all schools from elementary to college use the piano as a visual reference for musical concepts on all instruments.


Do I need to have my own instrument?

Definitely. If not, you at least need regular access to one, but even a small electric keyboard will work fine for several months.


If I've never had lessons before, is that a problem?

On the contrary - the fewer music habits you have, the fewer bad ones we'll have to correct.




Jamin Coller - Founder of Milestones Music

Jamin Coller

"After years of studying, performing, and teaching, I finally accepted the fact that most music teachers are more interested in pushing their students through a set of books and cashing the check than helping people learn to play music they love. At Milestones Music, students learn the songs they care about and the teachers find a way to teach important concepts through the music the students are already motivated to practice."