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Milestones Music is a growing network of teachers who are dedicated to helping students identify and achieve their goals. Therefore, Milestones teachers do not use the same curriculum with every student. Milestones teachers study their students as their students study music. As each student progresses, their goals inevitably change. A Milestones teacher changes to fit the new goals, often before the student even knows their goals have changed.

If you would like to join the team of dedicated teachers, let us know. Ideal candidates:

  • Have formal experience teaching (not necessarily music).
  • Have formal experience performing music.
  • Have a comfortable place to teach lessons, and are willing to improve the atmosphere of that place.
  • REALLY enjoy being around people.
  • Have a solid grasp of music theory and are interested in learning more.
  • Self-motivate and may want to own their own business one day.


To apply, read our employment packet by clicking here.


Jamin Coller - Founder of Milestones Music

Jamin Coller

"After years of studying, performing, and teaching, I finally accepted the fact that most music teachers are more interested in pushing their students through a set of books and cashing the check than helping people learn to play music they love. At Milestones Music, students learn the songs they care about and the teachers find a way to teach important concepts through the music the students are already motivated to practice."