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Finding A Time

We keep the online schedule up to date as the schedule changes. If nothing there works for you, just call, text or email your preference of days/times to get on the waiting list. I teach Sun-Fri, Noon-10pm. The greater your availability, the higher the chances we can work out a time soon.



The cost averages out to just under $35/lesson, billed at $149 per calendar month for a weekly, half-hour slot. For more details, you can read the full Studio Policies, or just ask at the first lesson.


Changing Teachers

In our twenty years in business, it is clear that no one particular teaching style is a perfect fit for every student. We want all our students to look forward to their lesson time, and we want to look forward to teaching students all day who are a perfect fit for our style. Often times we can think of another local teacher whose teaching style would be better received by the student. We always hope it works out for us to learn together, but if it doesn’t, we will be able to give you the contact information of local teachers who would be a better fit. A couple general recommendations for local teachers outside of the Milestones network who are also quality teahers at their own method are Gail Bisho (916-729-4238) and Bill Becker (916-342-1485). It might be a good idea to check out some other teachers just to have more to compare teaching styles - there are tons of other great teachers out there and many are cheaper than Milestones.



The studio is around the left when you get here. Click here for directions to the studio located at 4753 Papaya Drive, Fair Oaks, CA 95628.



After your reserve your spots on the waiting list with the first month’s tuition, it would help your teacher get ready for the first lesson if you would register online by visiting


Save a Ton of Money

Adults can get live, interactive piano lessons with Jamin for $19.95/month and kids for $24.95 at Some people still prefer in-person lessons, but you may want to join the hundreds of students who get all the individual instruction they need there.