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"A friend of mine had her granddaughters taking piano with Jamin and I heard them practicing. I remembered taking lessons and being bored and not wanting to practice myself. The music my friends granddaughters were playing was fun and popular music. I was shocked! My daughter had been asking to take lessons for a while. I was dreading one more thing to fit in our schedules and one more thing to get her to do at home. We had our first lesson in September of 2013 and even I was excited! The technology set up Jamin has was very impressive to me. He asked Abby on her first day what her favorite songs were and they jumped right in. She was beaming from ear to ear! I had set up her first lesson without telling her where we were going and just walked in to the lesson and said surprise! She told all of her friends about her piano teacher and told them they should all take lessons with Jamin. She always practices on her own because she is excited to hear her favorite songs come to life. I still enjoy going to the lessons to listen as well, it makes me want to play too. If you are interested in making learning an instrument fun, set up a lesson with Jamin and you won't be disappointed! Thanks Jamin for making piano fun for Abby!!!!"

  • Student since September 22, 2013

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Jamin Coller - Founder of Milestones Music

Jamin Coller

"After years of studying, performing, and teaching, I finally accepted the fact that most music teachers are more interested in pushing their students through a set of books and cashing the check than helping people learn to play music they love. At Milestones Music, students learn the songs they care about and the teachers find a way to teach important concepts through the music the students are already motivated to practice."