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Spots Currently Available! our live group lessons on Zoom! We've been piloting this program for about 3 years with great success!  Read our reviews at LearnPianoLive or on Outschool.  Classes are about 25 minutes (plus, students receive much more individualized instruction through the week), and cost just $11.40 per week.


Each student will receive a personalized assignment appropriate for their level and individual feedback on their playing.  Absolute beginners and intermediate players are welcome in this class, and no background knowledge is required! Playing an instrument is a skill, and the more practice a student puts in, the more progress they will make. So, while homework is not required, practice is highly recommended for students who want to learn to play the piano.


Together, we're going to learn the basics of your instrument while playing some of your favorite songs.  We will cover basic music theory, how to read music, and the most common skills for your instrument. Every week we will approach songs from multiple levels, so everyone from absolute beginners to multi-year students will have something challenging to work on each week. We lean heavily toward real-world playing (along with actual songs), developing listening skills, and having fun! Students don't need to have any musical experience, and as an introduction to the class, students will receive a few basic instructional videos to get them used to the vocabulary and basic concepts we will use in class. As we play each song, every student will use the opportunity to practice the skill that is currently a challenge for them.


Students are encouraged to share in class, ask for one-on-one help as needed, and request help outside of class via the classroom, email, and our Flipgrid video sharing platform. Self-assessment can be a big part of the class too - if it feels boring, it's time to work on the next skill; if it feels discouraging, you're taking on too much; but if it feels a little frustrating because you can't quite get it right, you're probably on the verge of a breakthrough and you should keep grinding away right where you are.


3:00pm (Pacific) on Tuesdays - Piano

3:30pm (Pacific) on Tuesdays - Drums

4:00pm (Pacific) on Tuesdays - Guitar

4:30pm (Pacific) on Tuesdays - Office Hours (Included)

5:00pm (Pacific) on Tuesdays - Kids Learn Piano Live Stream (Separate subscription)

6:00pm (Pacific) on Tuesdays - Learn Piano Live Stream  (Separate subscription)

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Payments can also be made with charter school vouchers or Zelle